Bocage: when the rental gives the opportunity

In September, Bocage will launch its online shoe rental offer, which is already available in 50 of its stores, this deployment should make it possible to reach a milestone in terms of volume and thus fuel the brand's second-hand offer.another counterpart to his vision of sustainable fashion.

At the end of 2018, the shoe brand Bocage (Eram group) joined forces with Ademe to begin thinking about extending the lifespan of its products and offering its customers responsible and sustainable fashion.where the launch of Atelier Bocage, a rental offer."Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world! Hence the idea of offering the rental of pairs of shoes at 29 euros per month for a minimum two months, after which the pair can be bought back by the customer with a reduction of 60% on the initial price, which is on average 120 euros, or be repackaged and sold second-hand, at half price, and with a patent which guarantees the refurbishment and good hygiene of the product ", explains Clémence Cornet, director of the Bocage brand, which hopes to reduce the carbon impact of its products." Today, rental is offered in 50 of our shops, out of a total of 100, plus 20 corners Since the launch of the offer there are one year, we already have 1000 subscribers, which is very good in the context of the crisis we have known.Now, we are working on an offer to relocate shoes for a short period, on the occasion of a wedding for example This imposes other logistical constraints, but also opens up new possibilities." The clients will also be accompanied by style advisers, who will be able to suggest looks during a rental.

Posted Date: 2020-09-20

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